Kuang Si Falls


There are two very good reasons for going to Kuang Si Falls, which is about 30 kilometres south of Luang Prabang.

One is to see the falls – the other is to see Phet, a young tiger kept in a jungle compound after being rescued just hours before being handed over to a Chinese medicine trader for killing and dismembering.

You can get there easily by tuk-tuk, coach, motorcycle – and there are places to enjoy on the way: rural scenes, distant horizons.

At the falls, there is a walk up from the nearest you can get by vehicle.

As you reach the top area, with its jungle walks and makeshift eateries for a meal or a drink, you will see Phet's compound.

She will probably greet you ... she has been handled by people from a few days old and loves people (though it would not be prudent to test this by putting a hand into her compound).

When we went to see her, she pounced from the undergrowth, pirouetted and gracefull leapt back like a giant kitten looking for attention.

If you see her, give a little money to help with her food: local people are so poor that they cannot pay for it and her needs are met by gifts from visitors (topped up by the British animal charity, Care for the Wild International).

A little further on are the falls, cascading beautifully into pools and there are paths to follow through the jungle.

It is possible to follow trails to a pool where you can swim and to the top of the falls.

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