On the way

If you are visiting Laos, why not spend some time
at other interesting places

48 hours in Bangkok: tremendous experience, see 1. Grand Palace. Don't miss the Emerald Buddha. Half a day. Two rolls of film. 2. Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun). Two hours, include climbing the prang (tower). One roll of film 3. Wat Pho to see the Reclining Buddha and many beautiful buildings. Two hours at least. One roll of film 4. The Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit). An hour max but well worth it. Few frames.

48 hours in Chiang Rai: very interesting despite lukewarm guide book descriptions 1. Wat Phra Keo (behind Wat Phra Singh) to see replica of the Emerald Buddha. 90 minutes. Few frames. 2. Hilltop Wat Phra That Doi Thong to see Buddhist cosmos. Very spiritual, relaxing wat. Two hours. Half roll of film. 3. Hilltribes centre and lunch in Cabbages & Condoms restaurant. 4. Night market. Strong willpower or big bags.

48 hours in Chiang Khong: relaxing and moderately interesting 1. Stroll by Mekong 2. Wander round temples 3. Buy odds and ends at day market 4. Tuk-tuk to Ban Hat Khrai village, where the world's biggest river fish are landed (no doubt at a time when you're not there)

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