Tiger Temple

How you can live with the tigers
and help them survive ...

This is Abbot Acharn Phusit (right), who first took in orphaned and abused tigers ... and started a rescue centre famous worldwide.

There are now generations of tigers living at Wat Pa Luangta near Kanchanaburi, just
a couple of hours west of

Bangkok in Thailand.

And you can visit them any afternoon ...walking with them and the
monks to Tiger Canyon and, under supervision, sitting and stroking them as they relax in the sun... and as one
of the helpers
takes a photograph for you.

We have a section of Tiger Temple photographs at www.buddhaphotos.co.uk
These are for your enjoyment
and later we hope to have
them available for sale
to raise money to support
the project

In the meantime, you can donate money to help with the tigers' care or their new home - get details at the temple's website at www.tigertemple. org/Eng/Donation.htm ... or you can donate online through a support site (which also has excellent pages about staying at the temple to help with the tigers) at www.walkingwithtigers.org/

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