Need somewhere to chill out? Have a look at the fabulous Andaman Sea coastline.
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Rich in culture, rich in heritage, rich in Buddhism, rich in rivers, mountains and forests ... Laos is a place of fascination and adventure amid a diverse and hospitable people.

It is not surprising that it has become
a tremendous attraction for visitors, both tourists and those seeking adventure. Facilities and infrastructure have been massively improved and visitors usually find their kind of holiday, from history to eco-projects, from city and towns to spectacular scenery.

Work your way through our site and find what you want when you travel - and, at the same time, take the time to learn a little about this once-struggling nation that stands at a crossroads between the past and the future with powerful neighbours and even more powerful forces of trade and politics.

Visit now, before the Mekong regionis changed forever, before the road networks eat into the wild places and before the modern influences reach the easygoing pace of a rural nation that must change to find its future.

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Need somewhere to chill out? Have a look at the fabulous Andaman Sea coastline.